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He's From Away You Know

This week an old friend named Lloyd MacLeod died and prompted this happy memory. Lloyd was a much-respected employee and executive of Canada Packers. Given the not infrequent but rarely justified tension between packers and producers, Lloyd stood out among many others as a model of integrity.

On one occasion in about the mid 80’s I was a speaker at the PEI Cattlemen’s Association annual meeting, as was Lloyd MacLeod. The memory blurs, but we were there because of an issue around the then new packing plant on the island which was being operated by Canada Packers at the time We were to debate an issue involving the plant and cattle marketing. Because it was a cattlemen’s meeting, I was confident that I would “clean up”. I spoke first and no one was more impressed with my arguments than myself. I sat smugly as Lloyd was introduced as a native son of the island province. I'll never forget Lloyd’s opening remark. He reminded the audience that his home was just a bit down the road in a place called Pleasant Valley. He then topped that reminder with, “Charlie’s from Away” you know.

Game Over

There is to be a Memorial service for Lloyd MacLeod on the island on August 18th. RIP Old Friend.

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